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  Hefei permanent ship information technology co., LTD., founded in the beautiful city of science and education in anhui hefei。The company is mainly engaged in building intelligence engineering design and construction,Involves mainly includes the intelligent system:Public broadcasting system、Professional audio system、The meeting system, hand in hand、Conference control system、The paperless system、Video conference system、The stage lighting system、The stage machinery unfolds system、The computer network system、Integrated wiring system、Security monitoring system、Education laboratory system、The wisdom of the classroom system、Copy and play system、Cloud class system、System classes、Electronic card system、IC card system、Campus visual intercom system, etc。After many years of hard work our company now has a good sales team to cover the entire in anhui province。For each of the villages and towns、At the county level or the municipal clients to provide professional、Perfect service。And we also have a large pre-sale、Sale、After-sales team,Guarantee customers in every aspect we can provide fast、Professional、Satisfactory support。 [MORE + ]

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Hefei boat information technology co., LTD. Forever

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